COVID 19 Statement

As with other aquaculture companies Gigha Halibut is taking specific actions to ensure it protects key workers during this time. 

Key workers at Gigha Halibut include, fish farmers, health professionals, engineers and lorry drivers.

As government guidance is updated throughout the crisis, the company continues to initiate protocols intent on meeting its responsibilities to keep people safe.

Some examples are:

  • Working from home where possible (finance department)
  • Repeatedly and consistently communicating to all workers through briefings, posters and letters, that they must follow health protection advice on when and for how long they should isolate either themselves or as part of their household.
  • Carrying out risk assessments across all areas of the business to identify and set up special health and safety arrangements; and provide appropriate Personal Protective Equipment according to the nature of work being undertaken.
  • Ceasing all non-essential business travel and all non-essential visits to other sites. Organising e-meetings where possible.
  • Asking everyone to be responsible in practising self-isolation, maintaining good cough and hand hygiene and social distancing.
  • Implementing lone and specific team working in different departments.
  • Providing additional hand sanitisers to enhance existing handwashing facilities/ hand towels.

‘Although we are encouraging people to work in isolation for everyone’s safety we are still very much working as a team, supporting each other and looking after our fish and customers’


We have continued to trade throughout lockdown. Our smoked halibut is still available to order online to add a little luxury in lockdown and the fresh halibut is still being sent to a few wholesale traders. We are very much looking forward to the restaurants opening back up when it is safe to do so !

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