Gigha Halibut

Good products take time and Gigha Halibut is a result of 20 years of dedicated research and development.

Work started on Halibut at the marine hatchery at Otter Ferry on Loch Fyne in 1991with the successful capture and transportation of live wild halibut from the North of Scotland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

The challenge then was to work out the life cycle of the halibut and the optimum conditions for each stage. What sets halibut apart from other marine species is the long and protracted larval rearing stage.

It took much longer than anticipated to master the art of growing halibut.

The Isle of Gigha surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean was identified as a very suitable site for the ongrowing stage and in 2006 Gigha Halibut was established. Harvesting began in 2007 and the company has been providing premium Atlantic halibut to the market week in week out since that time.

The consistency of quality and the sustainable credentials of Gigha halibut delivered by dedicated people have been the key to success.

Our People

Halibut don’t observe Christmas or go on holiday. They require care and attention 24 hours a day from the moment when they start life as an egg to when they are harvested and despatched to the customers .

The fish farmer is at the mercy of the elements and is the envy of all as the sun sets over the Atlantic and Islay to the west on a lovely spring evening. However all is not bliss and spare a thought for them when you hear “Storm force 10 for the areas Mallin and Rockall” on the Radio 4 shipping forecast during a cold dark winters night.

Without dedicated staff Gigha Halibut would not be such a success.

Let Rob Wilkieson the manager of Gigha Halibut take you a tour of Gigha Halibut here.

Watch Alastair Barge, Managing Director, as he meets Jay Rayner of The One Show and describes the cycle and the journey the halibut make from and egg to the table.


The Gigha Halibut system is unique. We use a land-based system of aquaculture where the water is pumped straight from the Atlantic and into our tanks.

The system harnesses the clean Atlantic waters from the Sound of Gigha to create a natural and protected environment in which our precious stock can develop.

The large flat solid based tanks are ideal for flat fish like halibut. The system has no adverse effect on the surrounding marine environment and is a system recommended by the Marine Conservation Society

All Gigha Halibut are hand reared with a certified organic diet using 100% fish trimmings as a source of fish meal Therefore no pressure is placed on the global fisheries used for sourcing fish meal.

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