Wild halibut is now listed as an endangered species. Gigha Halibut offers an alternative source of halibut which helps reduce the pressure on the endangered wild stocks of halibut in the sea. We support the work of which seeks to empower the consumer by informing them of how the fish they eat are sourced.

Happy Fish

Increasingly, todays customers wish to know where and how their fish have been raised. As we are so proud of the island and our unique system, its a pleasure to tell customers where our halibut come from.

Our aim is to produce ‘happy halibut’, we believe that if the fish is happy, then the customer is happy and if the customer is happy then everyone is happy.

At Gigha Halibut we produce 75 tonnes of fish each year, that might sound a lot, but in the fishing industry, its a drop in the ocean.

This means that our skilled and dedicated staff can keep track of standards and ensure the welfare of each individual fish in our care thus maintaining a genuine artisanal approach to food production.

Thanks to the community wind farm, the Isle of Gigha is a net exporter of electricity and our farm is able to benefit by using this renewable resource.

We are blessed to live and work in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and strive to look after our immediate environment, as well as making the most of the resources nature makes available to us.