Where To Enjoy

We sell our fresh fish to fish merchants in the UK, EU and US who in turn supply some of the finest restaurants, where the worlds top chefs prepare Gigha Halibut in a variety of mouth watering ways for you to enjoy.

In retail Gigha Halibut features on the wet fish counter of Selfridges as well as many good fishmongers so that you can enjoy fresh Gigha Halibut at home.

Closer to home, our smoked and fresh halibut is available on both Aray Fish and Fynest Fish websites for their weekly deliveries. The ordering system enables us to harvest and smoke to order.

You can also buy our Halibut from The Fish Society who deliver all over the UK and Europe too.

We are hoping to increase our distribution to select retail outlets in the future. Please visit us again to find out about our progress, or become our friend on facebook and we can keep you posted about any developments.

Where To Eat

When you find Gigha Halibut on a menu, you know that the chef wants the best quality but at the same time has a respect for the the environment.

Please find links below to some of the restaurants who love Gigha Halibut, respect our methods and only want to serve their customers the very best of ingredients.

We love the chefs who love us! Don’t forget to look at our recipe page for some of their best Gigha Halibut recipes which we will be updating regularly.